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A Journey Through
          the Chiltern Hills

With rolling hills and extensive woodlands, it is easy to see why the Chiltern Hills are one of the most beautiful and well visited of all England's natural wonders.
Crossing five counties and covering 833 square kilometres, the Hills are home to a huge variety of habitats including chalk grasslands, scrub, river valleys, commons and farmland. This book will take the reader on a journey of the Chilterns, from its earliest settlers to today's enthusiastic trekkers, exploring how the Hills have been shaped by their occupants and, in turn, how the Hills have shaped them.    Dr Jill Eyers and Hayley Watkins 2014, Amberley Books.
ISBN 978 1 44563624 5 (print)
ISBN 978 1 4456 3652 8 (ebook)
£19.95 Order on-line via your usual bookstore or through Chiltern Archaeology (ask for P&P costs)

Romans in the Hambleden Valley - Yewden Roman Villa

Yewden Villa was excavated in 1912 and although some of the finds were recorded and put on show in a local museum, many hundreds of boxes of finds went unrecorded and uninvestigated for100 years. This monograph provides the results of a lottery funded project investiating the geophysics and landscape of the Hambleden Valley and then working through a vast quantity of the finds. The result was exciting information feeding into a new interpretation for the villa and indeed for life in Roman Britain in general.

J. Eyers (ed.) 2011 Chiltern Archaeology. ISBN 978 1 904898 12 2. £20. order from Chiltern Archaeology via the office addres Home Page, or via Amazon.

This project may yet go into the next phase of field work and research. If you may be intersted in joining in, then just ask to be put onto the 'Hambleden Volunteers' e-mail list.
Geology and archaeology of Lycia, Turkey
Dr Jill Eyers 2004. ISBN 1 904898 06 8. A5, 48 pp, 57 B&W illustrations, colour cover.
Turkey is an outstanding country in many ways. This booklet covers the geological history seen in the mountains, key archaeological sites (24 locations) and some local legends thrown in for good measure. £4.50 (includes P&P) from us via the office address on the Home Page.
Archaeology of Marlow - and surrounding areas
Dr Jill Eyers 2003. Publ. Chiltern Arch. A5, 32 pp., 27 B&W figures, colour cover. £4.50 (includes P&P).
This part of the River Thames in Bucks has been a popular place to live for hundreds of thousands of years - from the Palaeolithic to today. This book looks at the evidence showing us who lived here and where, where they were buried and generally what the area around Marlow was like from Stone Age to the Anglo-Saxons. There are suggestions for five site visits.
Send a cheque to us at the office address on the Home Page.
Fossils - and where to find them
Dr Jill Eyers 2002. ISBN 978 1 904898 04 7. A5, 52 pp, 41 B&W figures.
An introduction to fossils including where to find them, collecting them and locations in 12 counties are described. A lovely way to be led to the right spots and discover the remains of ancient life and then begin to wonder 'how did they live; how did they die, what was the world like at that time'?
£4.50 (includes P&P) from the office address on the Home Page.
Geological walks in North Buckinghamshire
Dr Jill Eyers 2002. ISBN 978 1 904898 03 0. 40 pp, 20 B&W illustrations.
There is surprisingly good geology to be discovered in Bucks. This book introduces the geological history from Jurassic to Ice Age and then leads you to fourteen different locations to see it for yourself.
£4.50 (includes P&P) from the office address on the Home Page.
Geological walks in south Buckinghamshire
Dr Jill Eyers 2008. ISBN 978 1 904898 11 5. 56 pp, 36 B&W illustrations.
South Bucks has an amazing variety of rocks and fossils in a relatively small area. The geology is described in general terms and then eleven localities have been chosen to show off the best. The guided walks are well illustrated and easy to find and park. The locations stretch from Northmoor Hill near Denham up through the Chilterns to Ivinghoe Beacon.
£4.50 (includes P&P) from the office address on the Home Page.
Building stones of Reading Town Centre
Dr Jilll Eyers 1998. ISBN 978 1 904898 02 3. A5, 22 pp, 22 illustrations.
This bookelt considers what makes Reading so strategically located and hence evidence for human activity here since the Palaeolithic. Reading is an amazing modern town with an ancient and intriguing past scattered throughout to be seen by all. The walk from St Mary's Church, The Butts along Broad Street to the Forbury, back past the Town Hall along West Street is a walk from the Saxon centre to edge of town. There are some wonderful stories and stones on the way. £2.50 (includes P&P) send a cheque to the office address on the Home Page.
Archaeology of Downley Common (eBook)
Chiltern Archaeology 2012. ISBN 978 1 904898 13 9.
This is an e-book for download only (hard copies now out of print).
Downley Common in Buckinghamshire is probably typical of many commons in the land use of the past to the modern day and the intricate stories and landscape this creates.
The book comes from a lottery funded project investigating its past which includes prehistory through the Anglo-Saxon and manorial system through to the 18th century brick kiln. Today's pretty green fields and woodland hides a much bigger and dirtier story!

Geology of the Norfolk Coast
Hunstanton to Happisburgh

Jill Eyers 2012. ISBN 978 1 904898 14 6.
Every book on the geology of Norfolk, that is in print to date, is at the minimum very out-of-date and at worst hugely incorrect and confusing. There are so many different names for the geological units and events that it took the author a very long time to untangle the mess. Even the BGS have information that is conflicting! There has been a lot of recent research on the Ice Age and also on Norfolk sediments and this book tells the latest. So if you would like to reap the benefits of much research and find some lovely parts of Norfolk to visit where you can enjoy the intriguing glacial story the rocks have to tell, then download this e-book. It is amazingly good value at only £3.
The Little Tree Book (eBook)
J. Eyers. 2016. ISBN 978 1 904898 16 0.
An amazing little book which starts with an overview of trees, how people have used them in the past and now, and some legends surrounding them.
The bulk of the book is a set of ID keys and well-illustrated pages per tree so the reader can identify the common types of native tree in England whether in spring, summer or even in the winter!
For archaeologists faced with removing a tree in the way of excavation  - you can now identify what it is and avoid embarassing mistakes. For teachers - use it in the local woods - children love to use the ID sheets themselves (tested on 6 year olds up). For families - have fun discovering what is in your local woods or gardens.
£3 download from Amazon.


Chiltern Archaeology has developed a number of walks and information leaflets. Some may be found under menu option 'Leaflets' or on partner websites such as Bucks Geology Group , the Chilterns Conservation Board or Bedfordshire Geology Group.
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