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Excavations can be costly and time-consuming, which is why they must be well-organised and well-managed. Chiltern Archaeology undertakes excavations in the following categories:
  • Watching Brief, monitoring and recording.
  • Trial excavations: trenching, test-pitting +/- augering, as appropriate,to determine the nature, extent or survival of archaeological remains.
  • Excavation work relating to site development (from major developments to house extensions)
  • Research-related investigations

Post-excavation work

Development related work will have post-excavation and other techniques agreed with the County Archaeologist or other bodies such as Heritage England if appropriate. However, if you wish for any of the following work then please ask for a quote:

Worked stone, samian pottery, pollen, plant macro, full environmental sampling & analysis, molluscs, radiocarbon, sediment description and quantification.
Sediment, all worked stone and samian is undertaken in-house; other finds types and environmental analyses will be coordinated with specialist providers with a single final report supplied and with conclusions drawn together from each.

Samian ID & analysis
Samian pottery
is one of our specialities. We pride ourselves on top class ID work and have developed a type collection and knowledge that can identify source areas from even small abraded sherds - so please try us for your difficult assemblages small or large.
Stone reports
Worked stone is a speciality of Chiltern Archaeology, with 40 years of geological expertise and type collections.
We can undertake the identifications and reports from site excavations or just assist on site during the fieldwork to set up a type series which assists diggers.
Whatever your needs just contact us and we can help.

[Right - A Burr Stone mortar from Sussex found on a Roman site in Bucks].
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